Drum spirals are designed and realised in order to reduce the amount of space of a potential conveyor belt. Their name comes from the cylindric structure of the central element of the plant, the so called “drum”.
It is the central drum, indeed, that transforms the dynamic friction, which is generated by the belt pressed on its own external surface, from dissipative to conservative force, therefore allowing the movement of the belt.

The structure of the spiral consists of the part in which the drum stays and on which the columns that support the curves are fixed. The curves of the spiral have the task of supporting the conveyor belt, which wraps around the drum; a high-density plastic runner with low friction coefficient is fixed on them.
The structure guarantees a simple cleaning and disinfection. Food products can be transported as unpackaged, packaged, or on suitable pans.
The well-known robustness and long-lasting quality of Vimek drum spirals allow them to be used during continuous working-cycles and in extreme temperature, speed, and load conditions. The length of the conveyor belt ranges from 200 mm to 1500 mm.

+ proofing spiral

The proofing spiral works inside a proofer fitted to bear high temperatures and high humidity, which, indeed, are the adequate conditions to favour the delicate leavening process.

+ cooling spiral

The cooling spiral, depending on which products to treat or which temperatures to chill, can work both in the working environment and in a fitted cell equipped with cooling and air-treatment plant and water shower plant.

+ deep-freezing spiral

the deep-freezing spiral works inside an adequately insulated cell. Fitted evaporators and ventilation group guarantee a correct air flow which reaches the product homogeneously, leading to a very quick deep-freezing.

+ Drying, pasteurisation, sterilisation spiral

The spiral works inside an insulated cell where the product are treated simultaneously by means of high temperatures and adequate drying/ pasteurising/ sterilisation plants, with convection or steam heating, fitted to ensure the required heat process, in proper time and way.


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